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iPod Copier FAQs


Q: Is iPod Copier a virus?
A: No! MaCafee thinks it is a virus. I promise it is not a virus. I recommend Norton's AntiVirs

Q: I cannot find my music I copied, where is it?
A: Click on start, then run, type this in the box -> %homedrive%\program files\ipod copier\ipod_music or download iPod Music Finder

Q: Why is my music titled something else?
A: Because your iPod reads that code when you play it, I am working on the second edition that will re-name them for you. Don't count on it.

Q: How come it did not copy all my music?
A: Because I built this off of a iPod Nano and Nano's hold less music than other iPods so it only copies 3 folders out of how many your iPod has. The Second Edition will copy them all.

Q: What is Dead On!?
A: My Company, I publish for free.

Q: Is there going to be another iPod Copier and are you going to write any more programs?
A: Yes! and Yes! look for iPod Copier SE and Formatter!

Q: What does FAQs stand for
A: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Can I download iPod Copier 1.0 or iPod Music Finder
A: iPod Copier 1.0 and iPod Music Finder