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 I started Dead On! about a year ago. I just turned 15 and I got an iPod so I put music on it. It was great I got an old HP and it only ran Windows 98 SE so I could not install iTunes so I tryed WinAmp, but I did not have the internet so I could not download the plug-in. I said to my self how am I goona get my music from my iPod to my computer? Well it hit me write a batch file to do it for me, so I did. Then I really got in to it and made menus. I thought to my self I know I am not the only one with this problem, so I put it on and got 1000 hits in the first week. Then people started to e-mail me saying that they could not find there freshly copied music  and I got e-mails and e-mail and e-mails say they just could not find the music. Well then I wrote iPod Music Finder. Now I am writing iPod SE and Auto Formatter and Cookie Monster so see them pretty soon under downloads. I really need beginner programmers to use Dead On! as there publisher E-Mail Me! 


James Little Founder

Looking for some more staff members E-Mail me if you are intrested